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About Us

DCK TECH  as a retailer and distributor of computer  systems and  in a world of rapid change, where the reliability of systems used,  the  skill of the system operator and efficiency of relevant data access  decides  the longevity and success of a business, . Whether it be a  small office system  or a distributed solution across a popular  platforms, DCK TECH provide the  total solution from system and business   analysis through to design, procurement and project management,  implementation  and end user support. 

Professional Work Force

 Over 13 million people have benefited  from our learning techniques,   and today we offer over 8 courses,  covering a variety of subjects.  We   give you the flexibility to learn  at your own pace, where and when you   want, with the reassurance of  total support from ICS staff every step of   the way. We team up with a large number of  professional bodies to provide   qualifications that are respected and  widely recognised.  We offer   qualifications accredited by the  University of Greenwich, Napier   University, Edexcel, Microsoft, CIPD,  Aset, City and Guilds – to name   only a few. ICS is part of Cornelsen, which  has made its home in the world of   learning for over 10 years and  creates optimal conditions for education   with educational media and  further-training programmes. The publishing   programme of the group is  coordinated such that Cornelsen is today able   to offer the ideal  educational material for every learning   situation. This means that  ICS have access to the latest, most effective   ways to study – as well  as a wealth of experience that we can use to   continually improve what  we can do for you.  


September 2013

Our Services

IT Engineering Service


DCK TECH is capable of providing a range of manpower skills and  services for both the small and big business environment. These manpower  skills and services will involve in supporting IT technicians,  supporting IT projects, providing helpdesk support for end users. All  these engineering services are very cost effective, very dynamic and  flexible.  
       The IT engineering service of the DCK TECH, provide access to our  clients to all our IT specialists, for fulfil their needs.  The DCK TECH is able to offer highly skilled IT professionals to  support, the requirements of IT support and service, in any of the  following areas, such as IT Field Engineers, IT Field Technicians,  Helpdesk Support Staff, Configuration Engineers, Project Engineers,  Technical Couriers, Couriers and Drivers All of our IT technicians are highly trained and security cleared. All  of our IT technicians and highly trained to provide emergency support to  ensure our clients requirement on the IT system is able to work in its  full capacity The IT technicians of DCK TECH will provide their services especially in  holiday periods without any hesitations.  

Consulting Services


At DCK Tech Consulting, we help companies go ahead . Business today  is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow is  becoming  today. And opportunities. But to survive and thrive, we must  imagine that future. We must anticipate it.  Even while we're helping you solve your business challenges today, we're  thinking about the future - and how we can take you there. Which is  what gives you the competitivee edge in what's to come.  Transformation in to future is happening now ,  In our way of planning   ahead with the innovative ideas , we are developing certain essentials  for our model of the 21st Century Virtual Corporation. 

Desktop support


 In the contemporary world, many of the business environments,  academicals environments, health environments etc, involves with  Information Technology services. Sometimes, the IT system may give some  errors, in this situation it is a must to have an IT technician, but it  is not possible for every IT based environment. There is an ideal  solution for this issue is having an own dedicated IT technician  department, but unfortunately the truth rarely matches the dream,  because own IT support department cost more.
       Becoming a DCK TECH client, all of our clients can easily overcome with  this issue.  Our clients can get our IT support service as an out source  service. Our well trained and well qualified IT technicians can provide  as much or as little technical support as you need, whenever and  wherever you need it for a reasonable cost. DCK TECH is already trusted by many of the business networks throughout  the United Kingdom, all of our services are UK. All of our IT  technicians are local and can be with our clients quickly as and when  they are needed.
       DCK TECH helpdesk engineers are well certified and well trained for  handling customer needs. Outsourcing an IT support department can gain  more facilities for the client company, such as reducing the cost of own  IT support department, can get a friendly and knowledgeable IT service  through our helpdesk. As a client we will not let you down when you need  help the most.

Operating System Migration/Roll out


 Every IT equipment in the field runs with an operating system. In  the contemporary technology world, each and every day most of the IT  equipment operating systems are being upgraded. For a successful IT  system, every IT system needs to be upgraded constantly.
       DCK Tech is providing a well developed operating system migration  service. Upgrading or replacing of OS IT system can cost more, but DCK  TECH providing this service for reasonable price. DCK TECH’s OS  upgrading system is able to support most of the IT departments in UK.  DCK Tech providing this service along with well known and best selling  computer manufacturers. If a client has company branches all over the  UK, our company can deliver the service of OS migration process within a  shortest time and very low cost. The overall OS migration process can  be completed within days not weeks. DCK tech’s OS migration team  managers, will work alongside with our clients directly at their office  premises. Our OS migration team is well trained for well scheduling and  managing the whole process. DCK Tech is conducting projects in both  hardware and software upgrades.     

IT Project Management


   DCK TECH is providing project management solutions for all IT  needs of the customer that include planning, organizing, motivating, and  controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve client’s  goals.
      DCK TECH has good relationship with software and hardware vendors  that helps to get cheaper deals for customer. DCK TECH knows what is  needed for successful IT project management.
      DCK TECH is also capable of  procurement in IT hardware and  software needs of the customer.  According to clients needs  which  product is sourced from an external supplier. To request the delivery of  product from a supplier and make sure logistics done in proper manner


  • IT Consultancy
  • Engineering  service 
  • Desktop  support 
  • OS  migration 
  • Data  recovery 
  • Network  cabling and infrastructure service 
  • Network  & Server installation & support
  • Hardware  & Software Procurement
  • Cloud  computing
  • Security  & Backup Services
  • Workstation  support
  • Project Mangement

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